Guide to signing into Mix when using PowerPoint

When signing in to the Office Mix service, it is we recommend that you use your school username and password and that you also ask students to use theirs. This makes it clearer when you are using the analytical side of Office Mix and want to compare student results against their names and check their participation.

From Within PowerPoint

Part 1- First Upload

The first time you are required to login is when you upload your first Mix, during the upload process you will be required to choose a account type. To login with your school credentials, choose "Organizational" account as highlighted below:

Choose your account type

Part 2 - Redirecting to the school logon page

You will now be shown the microsoft portal logon page, enter your school username in the following format "". When you then click on the password box, you will be redirected to the schools logon page.

Microsofts Portal Page

Part 3 - Login with your school username and password

You can now login with your normal school username and password as shown below

School logon process

Last modified: Monday, 1 June 2015, 2:14 PM