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  • General

    Mobile Email

    To access your school email account on a device such as a phone or tablet we recommend using the OWA app.

    Why would I use the OWA app over the built in email client?

    • Our school email is setup to be secure
    • When you connect your device with the built in app, restrictions will be installed onto that device to make it meet the security requirements
    • These restrictions effect your lock screen setup and remote wipe settings of your device
    • Using the APP allows you to keep your device separate from these requirements
    • The APP is secure as it requires a PIN and can be wiped if the device is lost

    • Download the right app for your phone or device

      The OWA (Outlook Web Access) app can be downloaded for Android and iPhone. You can also connect your Windows Phone using the built in functionality.

      Get the App for: