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  • General

    Office Mix

    Mix and your CCS accountIntroduction to MixQuiz and Poll creationRecording Audio and VideoAdd webpages and simulationsMaking a screen recordingLooking at the results of your MixEmbedding into Moodle

    Office Mix is a plugin for PowerPoint that gives you the capability to create presentations that can be published online and contain interactive content such as quizzes, polls, webcam footage and desktop recordings. Uploaded presentations can be played back on any device that has a web browser.

    The Office Mix website gives you analytics such as views and quiz results. Staff and students can use their school Office 365 accounts to access the mix recordings, allowing you to get feedback from the presentation that relates to specific students.

    Key Facts

    • Use PowerPoint to create and upload online interactive presentations
    • Allows you to reuse your current PowerPoint resources
    • Can included all the elements of a normal PowerPoint
    • Add Quiz Questions, Polls, True / False and collect the results
    • Unlimited space and no cost
    • Uses your school username and password

  • Office Mix and your School Account

    The Office Mix service uses your school account to authenticate. Using your school account and requiring students to use theirs will also allow you to control how students access your mixes (Do they have to sign in, etc) and allow you to gather results and viewing data from the students that view your mixes

    The Mix service is made up of two parts, the website and the plugin:

    • To view your finished mixes, you need to sign into the Mix website (link below)
    • To upload a Mix you need to sign in via the PowerPoint plugin (guide below)

    When signing into the service, look for "Organisational Account" as the signing method (shown below)

    Organisation Account

  • Introduction to Mix

    Welcome to Office Mix! In this quick tutorial you will learn how to install the Office Mix add-in (Note: Plugin is already installed on school devices), how to record audio and inking and lastly, you will learn how to securely upload and share your mix. Happy mixing!

  • Quiz and Poll creation

    In this tutorial, you will get an overview of Mix’s interactive capabilities. I will explain how to insert and create quiz and poll questions right into your PowerPoint slides using Office Mix.

    • Recording Audio and Video

      In this tutorial, you will have an overview of Mix’s recording capabilities. Find out how to create quality audio and video recordings right into your PowerPoint slides using Office Mix.

      • Add web pages and simulations

        In this tutorial, you will get an overview on Mix’s interactive capabilities. Learn how to insert live web pages, educational simulations and videos right into your PowerPoint slides using Office Mix.

        • Screen Recording

           In this tutorial, learn how to produce screen recordings in Office Mix as well as some tips and tricks to guide you along.

          • Analytical Feedback

            In this tutorial, you will be guided through Mix’s analytic capabilities. You will learn how to identify key insights in each of the analytic views and lastly, how permissions and sharing impact your analytics.

            • Adding Mix's into Moodle (VLE)

              Using Office Mix with Moodle makes it easy to share content, assign mixes to students, and track grades and progress

              Follow these steps to use Office Mix as an Assignment inside a Course in Moodle:

              1. Log in to Moodle.

              2. Select the course you'd like to work with.

              3. Click Turn editing on.

              4. Locate the section that you'd like to modify and click Add an activity or resource.

              5. Select External tool.

              6.Click Add.

              7.In the General settings:

              • In the Activity name box, type a name for your activity.
              • Select Office Mix from the External tool type list.

              8. Set your Privacy and Grade settings.

              9. Click Save and display. At this point, you should see a placeholder for your activity.

              10. In the embedded activity, use one of these methods to select a mix:

              • By URL: A simple way to select a mix is to visit the Office Mix website, watch a mix, and copy/paste the URL in the dialog. This method makes it easy to include mixes that have been created by other people.
              • My Mixes: Select a mix from your My Mixes page. In order to prevent students from having to sign in to view a mix, only those mixes with permissions set to Unlisted or Public are shown.

              11. After you have selected a mix, click Yes to confirm that this is the mix you'd like to use.

              At this point, you should see the mix embedded within your course.