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  • What is OneDrive?

    Caroline Chisholm School OneDrive provides 1TB (a lot!) of free online storage. You can access the files stored in OneDrive on many different devices, such as laptops, tablets and phones. Files can be uploaded automatically from a folder on your laptop, so you never have to think about backing up your work. You can share files and and collaborate on them with your friends, all they need is a web browser. We recommend that you use OneDrive as your primary file storage location during your time at Caroline Chisholm School.

    OneDrive lets you:
    • Store and organise your private documents and other files in a secure location online
    • Share files with other students and allow them to collaborate on them with you
    • Edit your files online
    • Store your OneNote notes and access them on any device
    • Synchronise files between different devices (PC to Mobile phone for example)
    • Step 1 - Activating OneDrive

      Part 1 - Find OneDrive

      You can access OneDrive from your school email account. Look for the "waffle" link in the top left hand corner. Click on the OneDrive link on the app launcher to view your OneDrive.

      Find the OneDrive link

      Part 2 - 'First Time' Message

      When you first access your access OneDrive, you may be shown a video demonstrating the features of OneDrive. You may have to wait for a short amount of time whilst your OneDrive is created. You can close your browser, do other work and return later without delaying the process. Generally this will take the maximum of a minute to complete.

      Part 3 - Check out your new storage area

      Once the initial setup has completed, you should have a empty OneDrive area. To add files to OneDrive you can drag and drop them into the web browser, or save directly into OneDrive from Office. One you have added files to OneDrive it will look like the below image, you can even edit the files directly inside OneDrive using your web browser:

      Your OneDrive!

      • Creating a OneDrive Sync Folder on Your Laptop

        A even easier method of keeping your work safe is to create a Synced folder. This Synced folder will keep a copy of your work on your laptop and also a copy in SkyDrive, the syncing is done automatically for you, so you never have to worry about backing your work up.

        To create a Synced Folder your need Office 2013 Professional installed beforehand. Once you have Office installed, all you need to do is click on the "Sync" link (Shown below) on the OneDrive website.

        Part 1 - Start the Sync Process (You need to be logged in to Webmail)

        Start the Sync Process

        Part 2 - OneDrive will ask you where to sync your school file. It is recommended to leave it set to the default settings

        Where do you want to sync to?

        OneDrive Pro will then confirm that the sync process has started

        Watch your files sync in

        A OneDrive area will now appear in your user profile. You can drag and drop files into this area to Sync it to your school account

        Have a look at your new sync folder

        You can use this folder in the same way you would use any other folder on your PC, a background process will automatically backup these files to OneDrive

        • OneDrive Apps

          OneDrive for Phones

          OneDrive gives you access to your school files across a variety of devices, you can download the OneDrive app for the below devices. Using the App on your phone or tablet can be useful for coping across photos or video from your device without the need for a cable.

        • Saving and Opening files from OneDrive in Office

          Files can be saved and opened from OneDrive in the same was as you would save files to your local storage. You need to be signed into Office with your school account to do this, see guidance

          To open or save a file stored in OneDrive on a choose: 

          "File -> Save" or "File -> Open" and look for the "OneDrive - Caroline Chisholm School", then choose "Browse"

          OneDrive open

          You can then choose a location to open or save to as you would normally.

          Browsing files