Topic outline

  • Week 1

    Students are to complete a title page on the first page in their sketchbook.  They should include the title of the theme and strong visual imagery which relates to the theme SELF IDENTITY

  • Week 2

    Students are to complete their visual mind map over a double page in their sketchbook.  They should ensure they consider the overall composition by ensuring they have a balance of images and text, colour/tonal shading and an interesting background which compliments their work

  • This topic

    week 3

    Students should find 3 different portrait artists work which they like.  They should print off their favourite piece of work from each artist and annotate – the name of the artist and title of the work.  Why they chose this piece and a description about the style of work they have chosen.

    Use the link below to The National Portrait Gallery for inspiration

    • Week 4 and 5

      Your homework is to research the work of the artist Julian Opie. Look on the internet for the history of Julian Opie and use Google images to look at pictures of Julian Opie’s work. Put the information you’ve found into a Word document and present it using words and images. You should also type your opinion of his work as well. Minimum of one A4 page – maximum of two A4 pages please. 

      In your sketchbook, could you then produce a response to the work of Julian Opie (this could be a drawing, painting, photograph, collage etc) Good luck.

      • Week 6 and 7

        Research the work of the New York Pop artist Andy Warhol. Find images which are typical of his portrait work, cut them out and create a collage in your sketchbook. Think carefully about the composition, how you arrange the images and the spaces created between them. YOU SHOULD ALSO THEN PRODUCE A PERSONAL RESPONSE TO THE WORK OF THE ARTIST IN THE FORM OF A COLLAGE, PAINTING, DRAWING ETC. GOOD LUCK

        • Week 8 and 9

          Students should research the Pop Artist Richard Hamilton, and contrast it to the work of the artist Teesha Moore.  Students should present images of both artists' work, information about their life work and influences and include a study.  This should be a minimum of a double page spread.

          • Week 10-14

            You have been set a 4 week homework challenge.  In order to complete the homework to a good standard, you will need to firstly research the artist Joseph Cornell.  Make sure you write some information about his life, work and influences in your own words, and include this somewhere in your box.

            Next – take some inspiration from his boxes, and create an identity box about yourself in his style.  Your box could be an old shoe box, and old frame, a jar, an old shoe – anything!  Just be creative, and remember to vary how you present your work.

            Consider hanging items, using envelopes to put things into, add objects into your box, and drawings or writing which you have created.

            Your finished work should include:-

            • Research about the artist and include images of some of his work

            • A finished box/vessel about you which has some elements of his style of work in your presentation

            Good luck!


            this is a detail of one of the boxes submitted previously