Bring Your Own DeviceConnect to WirelessDesktop DesktopInstalling OfficeBackup with OneDriveRecommended SoftwareFree SoftwareMobile Email

Number 1Connect to the schools "CCS-OpenWireless"

- Windows 7

- Windows 8

- Apple Mac

- iOS

Number 2- Installing Office 2013 for Windows

- Installing Office 2016 for Mac

- Installing Office for iPad

- Installing Office for Android (Released Soon)

- Installing Office for Windows Metro (Released Soon)

- Connecting your School Account to Office 2013

Number 3- Sixth Form Students and Faculty Only

- Activating OneDrive

- Creating a OneDrive Folder on your PC

Number 4- How to access remote desktop

- How to map printers

- How to copy and paste documents to Remote Desktop

Number 5- Build and store your revision notes digitally in OneNote

- Organise your notes into sections and pages

- Sync your notes between your PC and mobile device

- Collaborate with other students on your notes

- Add to your notes with photo's taken from your mobile devices

- Create to-do lists and tick them off when you complete items

Number 6

- Web Browsers

- Web Browsers Plugins

- General Utilities

- Subject Software

Number 7- How to setup the school email app on your phone

- Guides for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone