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This is a collection of work produced as part of the 'Barriers' project by year 10.

Year 7 are on a 4 week rotation in art, where they spend four weeks on a single project, then move to ICT to study the same project with a different emphasis, then back to art for project 2....  this continues for 4 projects.

The first project the students studied was 'identity' were the final outcome was a box filled with different composition and collage techniques, and artefacts from home.

The second project is about  'the community' where the students are looking at Northampton as our local community. 

The students have started by creating a mind map of different types of shoes, and from there have created pencil studies of their own shoe from direct observation.

Year 8 have been studying the art and culture of the North American Indians.  Following lengthy research they created totem poles and talking sticks as their final piece for the project.