TitleOffice and Office 365EmailOneNoteOffice MixSwayBox of Broadcasts (BOB)Media EditingAdministration SoftwareBlogging Guide

Learn about enhancing your use of Office through the Office 365 cloud

- Discover how OneDrive can help you do more with your resources

- How OneNote can help you organise and create resources for students

- How you can use Lync to communicate and collaborate with other staff

Learn how to connect your email client or mobile device to the schools email system

- Connect Android, iOS, Windows 7 or Symbian Devices to email

- Connect Outlook and Mac Mail

- Common Tips and Tricks for email use, such as using Distribution Groups and Sharing Calendars

Guide to Office Mix

Use PowerPoints to easily:

- Create and publish quizzes

- Record your desktop and audio

- Analyse the quiz results and check participation on your published presentation

- Works on any device that has a web browser

- No storage limits

Learn how to

- What is Sway?

- Why would I use Sway?

- How to I add content

- Sharing Sways

OneNote Guidance

- Guidance on how to create a class notebook

- Guidance on staff notebooks

- General OneNote useage


- Learn how to use box of broadcasts

Learn how to use Media Editing software

- Learn how to use the Serif Software

- Learn how to use Audacity

- Learn how to convert video and audio files

Learn how to use the schools administration software

- Room Booking System

- Insight Online Reporting

Learn how to use the schools blogging system to enhance your school trips and events

- Manage the blog from a web browser

- Upload content from a phone or tablet

- Upload videos from your mobile device