Remote Desktop Summary ImageLearn How to

- Access the Remote Desktop

- Use the Interface

- Software avaliable on remote desktop

- Connect to Remote Desktop via Android and iOS

Summary ImageLearn How to

- Navigate Windows 8.1

- Customise your start screen

- Where to store your work and how to share it on other devices

- How to install apps from the app store

- How to setup your laptop for a presentation

- How to work remotely

PC Summary ImageLearn How to

- Navigate the Windows 8.1 Desktop

- Use the Interactive Whiteboards
- Use LanSchool to control the Student Lab Machines

PC Lab Summary ImageLearn

- Which labs have the software you require

- What room best suites your requirement (media editing, programming, etc)

Printer Summary ImageLearn about maximising your IT work experiance

- Network usage policy

- Overview on storing your work

- Connecting to Printers

Security Summary ImageLearn How to

- Comply with the Schools Data Protection Policy

- Encrypt Memory Sticks

- Password Protect Word Documents