Topic by topic information and guidance for topics in Resistant Materials to enable students to succeed in the subject from drawing and creative techniques to theory topics in preparation for exams.

Year 7 Phone Holder:

Pupils design and make a Phone holder using a various materials.

They design through both sketching and using CAD software.

In making, each student experiences a variety of processes such as Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacture through the use of the school’s laser cutter. They experience using the forge to braize and plastic dip coat to make components of their designs. Students understanding of these activities are deepened through a series of written and homework tasks created specifically to get them thinking like designers.

Year 8 Photo-frame:

All students make a freestanding double sided photo-frame.

They learn more about resistant materials through working with wood, metal and plastic.

Students learn about different methods of fixing a variety of materials together through assembling their photo-frame models (adhesives, rivets and screws). They learn about and finishing techniques to protect the raw materials. Through homework tasks looking at everyday products, individuals understand how these techniques and processes are used every day commercially.

The aims of the Y9 Resistant Materials Bud Vase project are:
  • To introduce students to pewter casting
  • To create and assemble 3D shapes from 2D material
  • To learn about and explore abstract design
  • Building on previously learned workshop skills