The aims of the Year 8 Textiles rotation are:
  • To construct a decorative pillow case that includes at least 4 different techniques
  • To learn the techniques Batik, Tie dye, sublimation printing and Appliqué
  • To find out where the techniques came from and how they are used elsewhere.
The aims of the Year 9 Textiles rotation are:
  • To explore different themes to inspire the design of their Ski Hat
  • To contruct a Ski Hat using fleece that is unique and innovative.
  • To developed sewing and patterns making skills

During the Y7 Alien Textiles project students will:

  • Learn the basic skills which will allow them to use a sewing machine & other textile related equipment
  • Create Applique alien faces
  • Create alien sock puppets
  • Learn about sustainable issues in textiles