Students studing GCSE Electronics will be able to find resources, quizzes and revision material here.

Students will find weekly tests and various other resources here to help them succeed at the GCSE Electronics and Control systems course

The aims of the Y9 Electronics rotation are:

  • Produce a working Amplifier circuit by soldering components into a commercially produced PCB
  • Learn about & discuss electronic components, and electronic principles.
  • Design and produce a Laser cut casing to house the Amplifier circuit.
  • Design and produce vinyl stickers to decorate the casing.

The Y8 Nightlight project is a first chance for students to experience Electronics & circuit building. Aims of the project are:

  • To gain an understanding of basic soldering safety and skills
  • To Learn about & discuss basic electronic components and principles
  • Produce a working Nightlight with LDR sensor
  • Produce a Laser Cut casing using Acrylic
  • Design and produce vinyl stickers for decoration